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We help brands around the world by transforming web data into actionable insights that improve business outcomes and enable intelligent decision-making.

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Data innovation can’t wait

Save time on gathering accurate data with an all-in-one data infrastructure platform and integrated annotation services.

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Our clients are always one step ahead of competition.Regardless of industry.

Elevate eCommerce Insights with Unmatched Data Intelligence

Leverage our powerful data enrichment services to gather critical e-commerce data, including pricing, product details, and customer reviews. Gain a competitive edge by understanding data at large scalable infrastructure.


Some popular e-commerce websites we scrape include:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Shopify
  • Walmart
  • Best Buy
  • Allegro

Data partner you can rely on

If you lack knowledge about data acquisition processes, rely on our technical consulting services to fulfill your data requirements and automate workflows. Our expertise can help you uncover the insights you seek.

Unstoppable extraction.
At scale.

Unstoppable extraction

Our advanced data infrastructure can efficiently handle millions of web pages per hour, employing round-the-clock IP rotation and automatic throttling to prevent detection.

Flexible integration

Flexible integration

Our team provides assistance with integrating the data into your system from any cloud storage provides. We deliver data in a variety of widely-used formats such as FTP, Amazon S3, Google Sheets, Azure Blob storage, API, Flat files, and more.

Quality assured
by technology

Quality assured by technology

We prioritize data precision with a multi-tiered QA system. Leveraging automated checks and AI, we identify and rectify data discrepancies swiftly, ensuring reliable, accurate results.

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Extract data from any mobile / web app

Proven collaboration with top brands

99.3% data match rate (AI powered)

Data delivery even every 15 minutes

Fast data access and response time

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Share your project requirements, and we’ll provide you with a quotation and estimated timeline. Without any obligation.

The administrator of your data is DoubleData Inc.

How we work?

  1. 1

    Initial consultation

    Initially, we'll discuss the details of your web data requirements and the KPIs you wish to achieve, guaranteeing effective project implementation.

  2. 2

    Crawlers implementation

    Next, we'll configure automated extractions tailored to your case, and provide you with a sample dataset before proceeding to a complete crawl.

  3. 3

    Start data collection

    Once the sample data is approved, we'll commence the full-scale extraction and deliver the data within the agreed timeframe.

  4. 4

    Effortless maintenance

    Our team will monitor and maintain subsequent runs to ensure they run smoothly, and deliver your data as planned without disruption.


ISO/IEC 27001 Certification

Protecting your data with the gold standard of information security. Our organization is certified with the PN-EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017-06, ensuring the highest level of data security possible.

Strict regulations

Qualified outsourcing partner under strict regulations

Cloud requirements

Compliant with Supervision Authority cloud requirements

Dekra Certificate

Data Security Management ISO/IEC 27001

Satisfied client’s opinion speaks louder than a thousand words.


European Food Delivery Company

Accelerating Food Delivery Efficiency

By utilizing our comprehensive scraping services, this major European food delivery company gained access to valuable, real-time restaurant and menu data. This enabled them to optimize their platform and improve the user experience, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and revenue growth.


CEE qCommerce Company

Revolutionizing Quick Commerce Solutions

Our tailored scraping and data enrichment services allowed this Central and Eastern European qCommerce company to access critical competitor and market information. This facilitated informed decision-making and enabled them to refine their strategies, ultimately leading to accelerated growth and an enhanced competitive edge.


CEE Online Grocery Company

Empowering Online Grocery Innovation

We provided this Central and Eastern European online grocery company with extensive scraping services, which allowed them to gather essential pricing and product data from competitors. This information helped them create a dynamic pricing strategy, resulting in increased sales and a stronger market presence.


European Ticket Online Sales Company

Unlocking Seamless Ticketing Experiences

By leveraging our scraping services, this European ticket online sales company gained access to critical event and pricing data. This enabled them to refine their offerings, provide a more seamless user experience, and ultimately grow their market share in the competitive ticketing industry.


European Restaurant Chain Company

Enhancing Restaurant Chain Performance

Our scraping and data enrichment services provided this European restaurant chain with vital competitor and industry data. This enabled them to identify emerging trends and optimize their menus, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and a significant boost in overall revenue.


European FMCG Company

Driving FMCG Market Success

Through our advanced scraping services, this European FMCG company gained access to crucial market and competitor data. This allowed them to develop more effective marketing and product strategies, resulting in increased market share and a stronger brand presence across the continent.

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Data extraction in food delivery

Data Extraction in Food Delivery

Learn how food delivery market leadersuse data to stay ahead of others.

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You may be losing out on 10% of your revenue. Unlock your full revenue potential with the valuable data insights we provide.


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The administrator of your data is DoubleData Inc.

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